Kamlang Phiasaa: Khmer Heritage Textbook

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I am now only offering electronic publishing of my Khmer textbooks. Each book is available as a download (PDFs of the book, and all accompanying video and audio files) only, no more printed books. The price for each book is $42 USD.

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See and Hear Samples

This is the textbook I use for the Intermediate and Advanced classes at the University of California-Berkeley (and UCLA). It's especially geared toward Heritage students (people of Khmer descent who grew up in the West speaking Khmer but never learned to read or write it) but also appropriate for non-natives and Heritage speakers alike who have attained a "survival" level of Khmer speaking proficiency and have already mastered the basics of reading and writing.

Choose one of the links below to see the textbook Table of Contents and Introduction, see sample textbook pages from several chapters, and listen to audio tracks and watch videos which accompany your download of the Textbook files

  • Table of Contents and Introduction to Kamlang Phiasaa

  • "Chapter Two: Khmer Buddhism" Samples

  • "Chapter Four: The Language of Public Information" Samples

  • "Chapter Six: Khmer History and Politics" Samples

  • Chapter Seven: "Traditional Khmer Literature" Samples


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