Chapter Four: The Language of Public Information

In this textbook we’re primarily concerned with giving you the tools to communicate about sophisticated topics with educated Khmers. We focus on both writing and face-to-face conversations, as well as of course reading. In this chapter, the focus is slightly different. Our main concern here is the ways that Khmer language is used to address mass audiences. This includes the news, advertising, public announcements, flyers and educational materials.

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Understanding Dependent Clauses in Written Khmer

Be able to navigate your way through embedded, dependent clauses in written Khmer is essential to making your way through newspaper articles, novels, and all manner of technical writing on academic topics. Here's an example of how we use excerpts from a newspaper article to explain how to do this.

  • Read the explanation of dependent clauses in written Khmer

    A Contemporary Khmer News Story

    This is an excerpt from a news story typical of modern Khmer newspapers, with accompanying vocabulary explanation.

  • See the Khmer newspaper excerpt

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