Chapter Two: Khmer Buddhism

In this chapter you'll learn the story of the life of the Buddha (and be able to tell it yourself, in Khmer), how to discuss the basic tenets of Buddhism with Cambodian Khmers, and how to properly talk to Khmer Buddhist monks. You'll also learn the names and significance of important Khmer religious festivals, and learn about Khmer spirit beliefs. To accomplish all of this, you'll also need to learn about Khmer lunar months and learn to recognize some royal language. You'll continue your study of Khmer alphabet basics and begin to read simple Khmer folk tales. Advanced students will read more sophisticated narratives on Khmer religion and festivals, and learn to discuss Buddhism on a deeper level.

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The Story of the Buddha's Life

This version of the Buddha's life, told by a monk, will be your model for learning to tell the story yourself. In the textbook, you'll also find a transcript of the monk's story, which you can view in the PDF document below.

  • Watch the video of a monk telling the story of the life of the Buddha

  • See the transcript of the monk's story and associated vocabulary, from the Heritage Textbook.

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