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Sophat - Khmer Novel Kamlang Phiasaa - Intermediate/Heritage Khmer Textbook Muk Khmae - Beginning Khmer Textbook

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I am now only offering electronic publishing of my Khmer textbooks. Each book is available as a download (PDFs of the book, and all accompanying video and audio files) only, no more printed books. The price for each book is $42 USD.

I am also offering for download, in addition to my Beginning and Heritage/Intermediate textbooks, my annotated version of the first Khmer novel (1942), Sophat. The PDFs for Sophat may be purchased for $16 USD.

After you order on the appropriate textbook page (click on one of the icons at the top of this page), I will share a Dropbox folder with you containing all of the files, and send you an e-mail with instructions.

If you have any questions, please E-mail me.

This section of provides samples of and an opportunity to purchase Khmer textbooks written by Frank Smith: Kamlang Phiasaa, an upper level Khmer textbook aimed primarily at Heritage students (but also suitable for non-native speakers) at the Intermediate and Advanced level (2006), Muk Khmae, a Beginning textbook for non-native speakers (2007), and Sophat, an annotated version of the first Khmer novel with vocabulary, grammar and culture explanations and exercises.

These textbooks are based on 21 summers' worth of my experience teaching in and designing the Khmer language program at SEASSI. These are also the textbooks used in teaching Khmer at the University of California-Berkeley. They form a multimedia foundation for communicative, content-based classroom activities by which to learn Khmer language. The various ways of presenting information in these books, the choice of vocabulary and phrases, and the explanations have evolved over the years in response to student requests and teacher perceptions of student needs.

Each book features over 350 pages of color text and images (as PDFs)--Sophat is about 100 pages--and each comes with video, audio and other files which supplement the material in the textbooks (Sophat is in PDF form only).

To see (and hear) samples of material from the textbooks, and to purchase them by either credit card or PayPal using a secure shopping cart, select one of the textbook icons above. You'll need the free Adobe Flash Player to view the video samples; there's a link to it below.

Note that while the "shopping cart" you'll be directed to when you click on one of the "Add to Cart" buttons is run by PayPal, and they do their best to get you to pay using PayPal, if you want to use a major credit card to purchase textbooks you can do that too...just choose the "Proceed to Checkout" option when you're asked to sign in to your PayPal account (unless of course you do want to use PayPal), and you'll be directed to a secure page where you can enter your credit card information.

The many hours that go into producing these Khmer Textbooks, as well as all features on, take place during my free time. Besides the income I get from selling the textbooks, this site is essentially a labor of love. My many hours of work on this site are not compensated by anyone...if you feel so moved, donations are always appreciated!