Chapter Six: Work, Occupations and "Getting Things Done" in Cambodia

Its been my experience that any non-native speaker who chooses to study a language like Khmer has a very good reason for doing so. In this chapter were going to call that reason your work in Cambodia, be it volunteering, research, or working for an NGO or in business. Up until now weve been concerned with informal interactions dealing with family, food, school. Here s where we focus a bit more on formal interaction, carrying out your work, and how Khmers think about and discuss work.

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Interview With a Motorcycle Taxi Driver

You'll be provicded with several opportunities in this chapter to hear Cambodians talk about the kinds of work they do. This is both good listening practice for you and a chance to learn how to talk about your own work in natural Khmer.

  • Watch the interview with a motorcycle taxi driver and read the transcript


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