Multimedia Lesson Lesson Twelve: Interview With a Moto Driver

This video is an interview with a moto driver in Phnom Penh. (The older man in the video is a cyclo driver whom we also interviewed, but that interview is not included with your Beginning Khmer materials.) The interviewer asks him about various aspects of being a moto driver, and a bit about his family.

The language spoken, especially by the interviewer, is colloquial Phnom Penh Khmer and goes by quite fast. Don't be concerned with understanding every detail or word in the interview, just focus on hearing and understanding the key information. You can view a transcript of this interview (in a separate browser window) by clicking here. If you hold your mouse over a line in the transcript, you'll see an English gloss of the Khmer.

As always, come to class prepared to discuss the video and ask about any points that are confusing to you.

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