Chapter Seven: Health and Religion

There’s a reason these two seemingly distinct topics are grouped together in this chapter: religion—making sense of life, death, the cosmos and linking that understanding to a moral framework for human conduct—and the larger than life realities of illness, sickness, and death, and how we deal with them both represent facts of existence none of us can escape from. Here we’ll learn how the majority of Khmers deal with these issues and make sense of those aspects of life that we can’t change.

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Learning the Parts of the Body

An example of the kinds of basic vocabulary you'll learn to use in talking about the human body.

  • See textbook page 214

    Grammar Explanations: Talking about Illness and Misfortune

    The material in the pages below is typical of the kind of explanation of Khmer grammar that appears throughout the textbook.

  • See textbook pages 241-244

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