Chapter One: Introductions and Pleasantries

In this chapter we�ll show you what to say first to Khmers when you meet them, and get you acquainted with the things they�ll tend to say to you. On the up side, the range of probably questions and responses in this category is fairly limited. On the downside, the kinds of questions that people ask each other in Khmer upon meeting can differ quite a bit from what you�re used to in the West, so keep an open mind!

You�ll also get an introduction to the Khmer alphabet, and learn to start writing some useful words right off the bat.

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Introductory Dialogue

Some very basic, essential phrases to learn in Khmer...the first things you'll learn how to say in this textbook.

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    Alphabet Basics

    Explanations of the first two rows of consonants in the Khmer alphabet, from the Course Multimedia Materials.

  • See textbook pages 20-23

  • See the presentation of the first two consonant rows from the Course Multimedia materials

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