SEASSI Beginning Khmer Supplementary Material

Chapter Five Beginning Textbook Stories Audio

In your Beginning Khmer Textbook, Muk Khmae, after you get through the alphabet basics in Chapters One through Four, you're given two short Khmer stories to read toward the end of Chapter Five. Here you can follow along in your textbook while listening to a teacher read the stories aloud. The stories are on pages 169 ("Pteah Khnyom") and 170 ("Mhoup Khmae") in your Textbook.

  • Listen to the reading of the story "Pteah Knyom" ('My House')
  • Listen to the reading of the story "Mhoup Khmae" ('Khmer Food')

    2006 SEASSI Beginning Class "Final Exam"

    Beginning students at SEASSI prepare and perform short skits (in groups) for their final oral exam. Julie DeLaurier and Chris Mills in the summer of 2006 decided to translate and perform 3 scenes from Shakespeare plays. Here's the result.


    2007 SEASSI Beginning Class "Final Exam"

    For their final oral exam in 2007, this group of three students put together a skit on a Khmer "Home Shopping" TV show.


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