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SEASSI Students and Teachers Performing "Cyclo"

This is it, kids! The now-legendary SEASSI "Culture Night" of 2002 where the Khmer class outdid themselves (and everyone else) by putting together a rock band and performing the 1960s Khmer psychedelic classic "Cyclo" live! The video was shot by volunteer audience members so it's not that clear, but behind us on the stage is a projection of our music video version of "Cyclo" (see below for a link to that video) with lyrics in English, and to the side of the stage on the right is the second group of dancers, the "cyclo drivers". Yours truly is on lead guitar, nek kruu Sokhary on vocals, and to the left of the stage on the floor, the mighty lok kruu Chan Sambath on the drums.

"Music Video" of Cyclo Featuring SEASSI Khmer Students

This is the video that was projected behind us at our 2002 live performance of "Cyclo," minus the English subtitles (sorry!). It features two SEASSI Khmer students from 2002 (and a Lao student playing "Khmer for a day") acting out the parts of the song that are 1960s-specific and can no longer be found (or are hard to find) in Cambodia today. The version of the song that you hear on this video is the original recording from the Sixties.


"Dating Game" Video from SEASSI Culture Night 2007

This video was part of the "Culture Night" skit that 2007 SEASSI Khmer students prepared. We performed a "Khmer Dating Game Show" live on stage; the video (subtitled in English) represents the three "dates" that the male contestant went on. This video is dedicated to 2007 Beginning student Jim Richardson, who appears briefly in the second date as the "lusty grandfather" of the male contestant. Jim passed away in November, 2007, and will be missed by all whose lives he touched.

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